1972 Honda CB350

June 20, 2012

“This was my second build a 1972 cb350.

It started as a stock bike, and I wanted to build it into something that not only could be raced but also somewhat street legal.


The front bars are clip-ons made by me.

Also I built a 2 into 1 exhaust to go with the Sudco Mikuni carbs.

This bike is kickstart only, the starter was removed and replaced with a custom block off plate.

The kickstand was also removed. The seat is a vintage 70’s fiberglass cafe pan that came from a 74 cb200.

The controls for the brakes and shifter have been moved further back and replaced with Yoshimura rear sets.

To make it street legal I made a removable brake light and license plate holder.”



Oceanside, CA


I like it Shawn. I am big fan of the rear sets and exhaust!!

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