Suzuki GT550

June 20, 2012

1973 Suzuki GT550 Two-Stroke Triple.

It’s not your conventional cafe. It’s a mixture of old and new.

Mod includes but are not limited to:


  • Motor bored .30 over
  • 20th anniversery GSX-R Front end
  • Nissin Front brakes
  • GSX-R Rear Brakes
  • Fiberglass Cowl
  • Modified GT550 tank
  • Omar’s Power cannon 3 into 1


This bike is a ridiculous example of modern technology combining with old classic aesthetic. Truly amazing!! you have really outdone yourself.

As a saw these pictures a tear rolled down my face when I thought about my old GT550 that I had to give up. Great job on the bike and the photo-shoot Kieran, Great job!

Suzuki GT550
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  • Mike

    I really like the suspension upgrade.

  • Jack

    Did you make the headers and pipe or was it sent to order somewhere?

    Thanks and great looking bike…

  • Jeff

    I’m curious as to the functionality of the 3 into 1 ‘chamber’. Does it actually work well.

  • Rönald Huffman

    Kieran didn’t build this bike. He hired Mike Nantz to Built this bike. His shop is B13 Handcrafted, It’s located in Danvers Illinois. 121 west exchange st. #1 Danvers. Illinois 61732 Phone: (309)-963- 5513